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The opposite of jungle fever. When a black person is attracted to a white person.
"Man, I've got major frostbite right now. I've gone on three dates with white girls this week."

"Girl you are all about the white guys today. You been frostbitten?"
"Yea, my frostbite is real bad."
by frostbite man October 15, 2013
The propensity of certain Asian men/women to feel attraction for white men/women. The converse of yellow fever.
Have you seen John's new girlfriend? I think he caught yellow fever.

Nah, Yoko went after him. He hit her with that frostbite.

You're both wrong; maybe they just like each other.
by Kevbone May 09, 2006
another word for nigga only can be use for all races no discrimination
ex: wassup my frostbites!!!
by theicy July 05, 2009
offensive term for African american race derived from the injury due to extreme cold turning the part that is affected dark.
black man-wuzzup cracka
white man- what nigga?
black man-im just sayin sup
white man shut up you dam frost bite!
by simonblackguy May 27, 2010
When a child is addicted to Disney's Frozen. Sometimes resulting in the demasculinized acts of little boys. If you are a parent experiencing a son with frostbite, you should buy him a toy motorcycle and took set as soon as possible!
Is that a boy wearing a dress?
He must have frostbite!
by Ankleknee July 28, 2016
Often used as "burn",but it is the opposite,for humor.Usually used in a sarcastic manner.
You're so dumb you sold your car for gas money!Oh!Frostbite!
by YeahIKnowStuff September 25, 2007
Verb; The action of downloading a song somewhere that you don't have to pay, or off of another person.
Person 1: Man this song has awful quality! Who did you frost bite it off?

Person 2: I know, it's from limewire.
by Alicexx July 17, 2010
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