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1) To quit following minimal effort; to give up.

2) To give a poor performance due to lack of effort.
Did you even try? Don't fross out on me man.
by JameelX October 24, 2007
word used for when an individual is high due to use of a substance. word commonly used in Jamaica.
Yow bro, you look fross.

You fross man!!
by nikodaib April 08, 2011
An alternative or slang term for a frisbee, Only the most hardcore/ experienced Ultimate bros use this term.
1.Bro 1:"Yo lets go toss the fross brah!"

Bro 2: "Okay, I'll go meet you on the quad."

2."Fross me brah."

3.Ultimate noob: "Throw me the disc!"

Bro: "It's called a Fross you tard."
by Douglas Quaid September 14, 2013
A slang term for an Ultimate Frisbee, emerging from frat-boy college campuses around the United States. Frosses come in a variety of weights measured in grams and they are made with plastic. Not to be confused with the discus throw or disc golf.
Cam: Hey brah, wanna go to the quad after the frat party and toss the fross?
Mikey: I would man, gotta sober up first though.
Cam: Don't worry dude, it's a chillaxed game.
Mikey: Sweet, can we pass the hacky sack afterwards, and listen to some Mac Miller?
Cam: I prefer Dave Matthews.
Mike: As long as we're tossin the fross high in the clouds every little ting' is gonna be alright brah.
by MannySousa September 15, 2013
A term only posers who aren't really Ultimate players use to describe a frisbee or Ultimate frisbee. As really ultimate players know, only a disc is used, not a frisbee.
If someone uses the term "fross," flip him off and walk away, he is not worth your time. These type of posers generally throw some slanty pass that doesn't go anywhere near you and usually ends up closer to them.
Poser: "Hey brah, you wanna toss the fross? My new Wham-O frisbee just came in the mail"

Real Ultimate player: "Eat a dick."
by speaking the truth June 15, 2015
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