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an initiation of freshman, usually involving pain or embarrasment. While these activities were originally intended as harmless fun, they have, over the years, become intimidating, demeaning and degrading rites of passage.
A: For your froshing you must drink one beer every minute for the next hour, standing extremly still, without peeing. Move and your ass is grass.

A: We totally we so close to getting busted while froshing those newbs.
B: We are so lucky we can run faster than than those pigs.
by Robotwholearned November 16, 2008
28 6
The act of an upperclassman engaging in sexual activity with a frosh, or freshman.
Hey where is Kyle? I haven't seen him all day...
Yeah, he's been froshing all day with that Lauren girl.
by Lynx5803 November 15, 2008
3 20