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A front pocket usually refers to a fly (of pants).
"I've got something in my front pocket for you" - South Park episode
by Stephen Swires November 28, 2005
A frontpocket is a person who keeps their wallet in one of their front pants pockets. Frontpockets can generally be identified by their neckbeards and wolfshirts.
Are those anime wallscrolls in your room? Dude you're such a frontpocket.
by ionyouenterabov February 22, 2009
The term used to define the place where people keep their weird stuff. things such as dead batteries hipster glasses and anything else someone besides yourself would find weird this phrase comes from when people use a sachel or purse it would have a front pocket on it. this was the most convinient place to put things
"ohh dud if you look inside bills front pocket youll find all of the tator tots the lunch room lost".
by JackHawk March 21, 2011
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