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To lie to people in a most insidious fashion.
When her boss told her that her contract was being renewed and it wasn't, she knew that she had been Fronsed.
by DaCon April 21, 2011
to replace something of high-quality and longevity with cheap, insipid, so-called entertainment
The beloved 41-year-old television programs were fronsed with uncreative weight-loss and cooking shows.
by imasoapfan May 13, 2011
Serial Killer; a sociopath who kills daytime serials without remorse; a murderer of multiple soap operas
The Frons laughed with delight as he slashed two soap operas in a single day.
by ghhshirley September 07, 2011
A Dirty Asshole
That girl has a fron
by Fron-o September 19, 2009
A Fucktard wo is unable to abide by any sense of deceny, but writes rules for others to follow
Bush is sure acting like a fron in Iraq.
by Bidness Man June 25, 2003