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1. adj. An individual that is too sexy to handle, or simply a bad ass mother fucker.
2. n. The dark horseman of York, steals the souls of the damned and holds them in his bag of death, until they become cleansed, at which time he may release them and they may have their second chance at life.
1. Oh shit, check out Fronin on the dance floor!
2. When the sky is gray, and the crows have flocked, you know that Fronin is coming to reap your soul.
by pussyjuiceanalvaginashit September 13, 2013
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puting your or someone else bussiness on the streets

front streeting
why you froni'n on me niga.
by jonathan mendoza May 18, 2004
Slang; freezing, cold
It's like 40 degrees out here, I'm completely fronin!
by Carrie February 24, 2005

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