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A slutty woman who's primary goal is to get her hooks into a Navy SEAL.
"She's such a frog hog; she's at Hot Tuna every night!"
by Chick's Beach January 02, 2009
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An obsessive woman who will do anything just to be associated with Navy SEALs. Frog Hogs now use the internet to find every Navy SEAL possible on facebook, past or present, and "like" and comment on every single thing that any Navy SEAL posts on their profile, and do so with an enormous degree of ass kissing. They also read through everyone's comments on that particular SEAL's profile, and can figure out who other Navy SEALs are by creeping on their facebook pages. They then friend request those men and exhibit the same kind of behavior and spread their Frog Hogness everywhere in an irritating manor.

They also get overly dramatic in facebook arguments, and give their opinions when no one asked them to in the first place, and get extremely defensive over the SEALs that they stalk, even though they have never met any of these men in real life, yet act like they are best friends.
Did you see all the comments that Gina keeps posting to all these Navy SEALs on facebook? Does she even know any of them? How did she even become associated with these guys? I have never seen someone put so much effort into talking to people that they don't even know. She just wants to fuck a Navy SEAL and hopefully marry one, so that she can be "in the community." She's such a fucking FROG HOG!!
by High and Dry March 24, 2013
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women who whore themselves to navy seals or seal trainees
"that bitch linda and her friends are real frog hogs"
by dudeman235 August 30, 2007
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