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To be undressed, partially or completely, by a person or group of people, when drunk or unconscious

The morning after, the recipient of a frixing will almost certainly suffer a sore head and embarrassment.

And confusion. He/She will probably have no idea who had been involved in the frixing and they dare not ask around through fear of asking an indivdual who was not party and completely unaware of the incident.

So the frixed person is left to speculate. And worry.
1. As soon as Desmond woke and saw his Calvins neatly folded on the minibar, he knew he had been frixed.

2. Colin felt his friend would sleep much more comfortably if he was frixed, so in the half-light, under the glow of the flickering TV, he quickly went about his work.
by Jazzzman November 09, 2009
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