To be enslaved,then continuously raped by your own father until you give birth to incestuous children.
That fucking bitch Karen has pissed me off for the last time. When she gets home I'll make sure she gets fritzled good and proper.
by BaronBulb March 19, 2009
to be trapped in a room or cellar
As Katharine walked down the stairs into the cellar the door slammed shut behind her - she was now completely Fritzled.
by SWC76 May 16, 2008
Past Tense.
The art of isolating another person for your own gain.
Have you seen Julia? No Gary Fritzled her away for the weekend.
by Gravitronxx March 29, 2010
1) To get locked in a basement in Central Austria for 24 years (sometimes more or less), and give birth to the children of your own father...

2) To go out and get so wasted, you feel like you've been locked in a basement for 24 years...

3) To fuck something up on such a major scale, that it may as well have been locked in a basement in Austria for 24 years...
1) As Elizabeth left the basement, she felt as though she had been Fritzled for quite a while... 24 years to be precise.

2) Went at it hard last night, woke up with a mouth as dry as Gandhi's sandal and I'm hangin hard now. I'm totally Fritzled.

3) Shit, my laptop is totally Fritzled. Hard-drive is just filled with Austrian hardcore porn...
by J.Fritzl March 22, 2010

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