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Frightened Rabbit are an amazing scottish indie/folk consisting of Scott Hutchison (vocals, guitar), Grant Hutchison (drums, vocals), Billy Kennedy (guitar, keyboards, bass) and Andy Monaghan (keyboards, guitar, bass).

Their two albums - The Midnight Organ Fight and Sing the Greys are both awesome.
Rhab: I saw Frightened Rabbit last nite live, they were fucking awesome
Gav: Wow im jealous i hear they are a tidy band!
by Gdog123 April 19, 2009
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You are trying to shit on a girl during sex, but you are constipated. You push as hard as you can until the shit is halfway out, but as soon as you relax your stomach muscles, the shit goes all the way back in. (When you flex your stomach muscles your cock flares up. But when you relax it goes down. The cock represents a hunting snake, and the shit represents a frightened rabbit retreating back into its hole)
Dood! Last night I was trying to shit on my girl but i had a frightened rabbit. Fukin A!!!
by MMMofVVV March 30, 2008
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