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Fly, Fresh, Well dressed. this word originated in the district of columbia.
"every time i see him he be friggy
by johnny firequest February 12, 2012
The combination of fruit and vegetables. As in used for buying both fruit and vegetables (Friggies) for Juicing.
"We need to stop by H-Mart for a Friggies run. We got to juice this week; were becoming fat-asses man."
by MizterKoffy January 06, 2013
Someone who is utterly devoid of useful information. A 'friggy' will try and provide information for almost every situation, even if it is untrue and completely fictional.
"Hey cool, look at that sign"
"That sign was invented by David Ginola's sister"
"Dude, you're such a friggy"
by Loves2Spooge17 January 27, 2012
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