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'Frievolve' (fre-volv) is the words 'friend' and 'evolve' merged together. It is when one's physical appearance and personality begins to "evolve" and they become increasingly like the people they associate with.

Prime Example of Someone Who Made a Full Frievolution:
Lindsay Lohan when she started hanging out with Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie, back in 2005. Lindsay Lohan's frievolution gained much media attention. She and her clique were even dubbed "The Zoebots", because they all began to look just like, their stylist, Rachel Zoe.

As Well as 'Frievolve', You Can Also Use:-
Lois: Hey, Christine. Look, here comes Jo.
Christine: That's not Jo. That's Rachel.
Lois: Oh my god, it is. But Rachel used to be skinny, have long black hair and play it safe with her clothes. The girl approaching is curvy, has short blonde hair and is dressed in bold colors.
Christine: That's the old Rachel. She's frievolved quite a bit since hanging out with Jo.
by 19CharacterUsername July 11, 2009
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