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A guy who has many friends that are girls and usualy hangs around them alot. Secretly he wants to date them but does not have the balls too ask any of them out. Sometimes these people are mistaken as gay.
Guy 1: "Justin hangs out with so many chicks, he is so lucky."

Guy 2: "It doesn't matter cuz he's friendsexual."

Guy 1: "Loser..."
by MT+Tiny-t May 04, 2009
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When a girl(s) ONLY make out with her friends--mostly when drunk....
Whenever alcohol is involved me and my friends turn into friendsexuals.
by tyrich June 01, 2009
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Friendsexual is when a male or female decides to become transgendered by using their friends' body parts. Such as the private area and etc.
John wanted to become a "Janice" so his friend who is another transgender offered to donate his private part which made this sexual orientation known as friendsexual
by Vanessa Robertson March 05, 2009
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