-the absolute worst and most painful experience known to all of mankind.

-having feelings for someone who sees you as "a brother/sister"

- usually boys are said to be in the friendzone but girls get friendzoned just as much
-"hey, what happened? how did you brake every bone in your body?"
"oh I fell but it could be worse. I could be friendzoned."

- "oh yeah he friendzoned me because he likes my personality but I'm not pretty enough for him"

-"I knew I was friendzoned when he gave me a pat on the back as he said goodbye"
by pat on the shoulder goodbyes October 27, 2013
The perfect place to meet nice guys.
Girl1: "I'm done with men, I only meet such douchebags!"
Girl2: "Just look around your girlfriends' friend zones, they're full of nice guys."
by MaxTheKnight October 18, 2013
"Friend zone" describes the way most women stop seeing a male friend as dating material after a certain amount of time has passed, even though she might have begun dating him had he acted differently when they first met. -see example

-being "friendzoned" does not have to mean something negative in nature, it is simply a word to label the common situation of a male is only seen as a friend in the eyes of a female come the time he confesses his feels for her, which is completely ok, by no means does the male friend feel he is intitled to be with said female(unless they are an assholes), everyone obviously has the right to reject who they wish, but that does not mean the male has no right to feel rejected and inadequate, especially in situations where said female chooses to be with another man of which the male friend feels is not appropriate for said female, for whatever reason, such as opposing males personality(taking advantage of her and such). its mostly based on social norms and essentially stereotypes of male and female interaction. Of course this is not always the case, it is possible for a female to become "friendzoned" as the roles are simply reversed, though it is less common as guys are more in the position of asking a girl to be with him (a social norm). I personally dislike like the reality of social norms, but that does not mean they are not blatantly obvious, more so when observing rather than participating.
John meets Mary. Mary thinks "This guy seems nice. He's quite funny and reasonably good looking". John doesn't ask Mary out, but they see each other at social functions. After a while, Mary stops seeing John as a nice guy who is quite funny and reasonably good looking, and just sees him as friend. John realizes he's secretly madly in love with Mary and begins trying to hang out with her more and more. Because John loves Mary, he stops behaving reasonably and starts doing anything just to spend time with her. Eventually, he summons his courage and confesses his love for her. But Mary just feels uncomfortable and confused. She doesn't want to lose her friend and she feels pressured by his feelings for her. To be honest, John's been a little needy and pathetic lately, hanging on her every word and catering to her every whim, and that's not really very sexy. John has been friendzoned by Mary.

John had a chance when they first met but he messed it up by not doing anything about it. When he finally got his act together, the friendship that developed actively interfered with his potential of getting Mary to go on a date with him.
by kado55 August 30, 2013
when a person doesn't get what they want from someone else and so they bitch and cry about it to elicit pity from people around them
person(s) 2(3,4,5,6...): awhh that's so sad, you're such a great person, i'm sure you'll find someone. <333
by Chameleon the Kid May 17, 2013
You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
"The Friendzone is the Mos Eisley of relationships."
by ObiWanKenobi February 19, 2013
Being stuck in the friendzone means that you aren't able to have more than a friendly relationship with that special someone you are attracted to. However, it is wrongly perceived as a state that only males can go through. As a female, I can assure you that women can also be friendzoned.
Cassandra : Guess what, John? I have been friendzoned by Peter, my GUY friend.

John: I thought only males could go through such a phase?

Women all around the world : You thought wrong, John.
by notsobazinga June 02, 2015
When a member of the opposite sex repeatedly makes transparent advances towards you while messing things up every time and behaves in a manner that is a)confusing b)just plain inappropriate c) awkward.

If a person does this, Friend Zone him/her immediately.
...As in - um, you just showed up at her house rang her doorbell then left?!!
Ting! You just got friend zoned.

-Oh man, you showed up at her friend's house and then called her FRIEND stupid?

Ting! Friend Zoned.

...duuuuude, you picked up her cousin?!!!
Ka-ching! Friend Zoned.
by Kay brown September 08, 2014

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