noun: period marked by the feeling of disappointment, mutual awkwardness, sadness and/or recovery immediately following the romantic and/or sexual rejection by a close friend.
(AKA: The brother/sister zone)

verb: romantically and/or sexually reject a close friend
noun: Damn... I thought for sure Suzie would reciprocate. I didn't expect to be put in the friend zone.

verb: I'd hate to friend zone Linda. She's is a nice girl, but I'm just not attracted to her at all.
by DannyPhantomZone September 11, 2012
The "friendzone" is indeed a place of Hell on Earth, often for the man who “tries to do the right thing” by being a gentleman and respecting a woman’s choice of who she wants to date.
In the friendzone, he will become her friend when she rejects him because he believes that if he does so, she will eventually recognize what a great guy he is and “come around”. She will want him to be around, her confidant and patsy who she can spend time doing most of the things that she would do with a boyfriend except for those duties that are fulfilled in a sexual manner. She would also like her car fixed, repairs on her house and generally anything that a capable and worthwhile man can do. Why not? He’s usually offering it. Many women know that the reason the man is doing this is because he likes her, which is what pisses off some hetero males and makes them condemn all women as being shallow and selfish bitches. However, this is certainly not true of all women as some fall for the dishonesty of a man who is not sharing his true motives.
In some cases, the man could be a gentleman who truly wants to give her an opportunity to get to know him and how he would treat her if they were otherwise a couple. However, there is often a bigger lie on the man’s part, as he is really being her friend for the ultimate payoff of a romantic relationship and deep down he knows this isn’t likely to happen; yet he continues on behaving otherwise since he believes she is worth the pain and self-sacrifice.
by Old Dust June 08, 2015
Where men get sent for the sin of respect
I didn't fuck her on the first date, now I'm balls deep in the friend zone!
by -less July 26, 2014
The Ninth layer of hell mostly overrun with guys. some girls maybe in there as well but it is a rare case. There is no way out other than pure skill and luck. Its kind of like winning a game of Uno, but the win loss ratio is 1-1000000000000. Many enter but few will escape.
Example 1:
Chaz: I Love you and I want to be more than friends
Amanda: I don't want to ruin out relationship we have right now though... Is that ok?
Chaz: Friendzoned again....

Example 2:
Amanda: I love you and I want to be more than friends...
Chaz: Meh I'll think about it...
Amanda: Damn... Friendzoned again...

Example of Escape:
Chaz or Amanda: I can't take this anymore. I have been so nice to you for these years! I saved your mothers life, cured cancer and caused the end to wars! I love you and I need you!
Chaz or Amanda: Oh... now that I realized this... I LOVE YOU TO!

Then they have sex...
by Chaosbeast11 March 01, 2014
When a jerk with an overinflated sense of entitlement who thinks that respecting a woman gives him the right to make romantic or sexual demands of her gets his poor little feelings hurt because the woman he wants to date/romance/bone exercises HER right not to want to date/romance/bone him in return.
"You know, I thought John was a great guy until he started acting like I OWED him for being nice to me, and whined about how I'm an 'ungrateful bitch' because I put him in the 'friendzone.'"
by niceguysareamyth January 25, 2012
When you are in a deep emotional relationship with a member of the opposite sex that is in all ways exactly like a romantic relationship but without the physical connection. But unlike a romantic relationship, it is prone to end at any time and start up again without the inconvenience of actually breaking up.
"We spent all our time together and I thought we were going to start dating, but suddenly she started dating someone else and now barely talks to me. I guess I was in the friend zone."
by Iron Sheep March 27, 2014
The almost un-escapable place where you have a crush on someone but they only want to be friends. 1 record lasted 8 years in the friend zone.
boy''will you be my girl friend''
girl''i would prefer us to be just friends''
boy is now in the friend zone
by dat guy1 November 03, 2013

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