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An imaginary place where teenagers (commonly guys) believe to be placed in when a girl just wants to be friends with him. This is the place where guys are placed when the guy expects that he will have sex with a girl if he is nice to her. He is friendly to a woman in hopes that she will have sex with him. They believe that she mistakes his friendliness for friendliness and befriends him, neglecting to show you her vagina. Then they proceed to complain about it on the internet.
Scenario 1:
Guy: Held the door open for a girl, can't believe I didn't get a blowjob. She obviously friend zoned me.

Scenario 2:
Guy: What do you mean you aren't going to have sex with me?! I was being nice to you!! Wow, I can't believe you are putting me in the friend zone.
by Amora1234y67f August 30, 2013
noun: period marked by the feeling of disappointment, mutual awkwardness, sadness and/or recovery immediately following the romantic and/or sexual rejection by a close friend.
(AKA: The brother/sister zone)

verb: romantically and/or sexually reject a close friend
noun: Damn... I thought for sure Suzie would reciprocate. I didn't expect to be put in the friend zone.

verb: I'd hate to friend zone Linda. She's is a nice girl, but I'm just not attracted to her at all.
by DannyPhantomZone September 11, 2012
Noun: A vapid social construct created to shelter the male's ego and his inability to cope with rejection.
I tried to get Sam to go out with me, but she left me in the friend zone.
by Troublemaker April 05, 2014
The state of being a virginal, whiny manchild who believes a woman owes him sex simply because he is nice to her. This often leads to posting long e/n threads on the internet about specific women being "vapid cunts" because they'd rather have sex with someone they're actually sexually attracted to. A manchild who believes he has been "friend zoned" rarely recognizes his own faults, and instead assumes that all women are just attracted to "assholes."
"I helped Rebecca with her research project and then I invited her to play Super Smash Bros, but the vapid cunt told me she had to leave because she was going on a date with Matt. That asshole doesn't even respect women. She totally put me in the friend zone. Maybe if I continue to be nice to her she'll eventually let me have unfulfilling sex with her."
by Cosmic Snake April 03, 2014
-the absolute worst and most painful experience known to all of mankind.

-having feelings for someone who sees you as "a brother/sister"

- usually boys are said to be in the friendzone but girls get friendzoned just as much
-"hey, what happened? how did you brake every bone in your body?"
"oh I fell but it could be worse. I could be friendzoned."

- "oh yeah he friendzoned me because he likes my personality but I'm not pretty enough for him"

-"I knew I was friendzoned when he gave me a pat on the back as he said goodbye"
by pat on the shoulder goodbyes October 27, 2013
Somewhere you'll never find a guy like Victor.
Person #1: "Hey ladies, any of you happen to know where Victor went?"

Person # 2: "Oh, he's been hanging out with Maureen in the Friend Zone."

Person #1: "Ha! That's funny. no seriously. Where is he?"
by Fritz Roc May 29, 2012
An excuse that Nice Guys use to be a prick because they can't handle rejection from women. They seem to have an aversion to friendship, seeing as they can't accept that the woman in question still wants to be their friend despite the fact that they're pretty shitty people.
They also enjoy acting like women have never been rejected before to justify their whining.
She doesn't want to date me for whatever reason but still wants to be friends?! Forget considering if I'm the problem, I'VE BEEN FRIENDZONED!!1!
by Or Not August 07, 2014