The shittiest place to be when trying to start a relationship with someone you like. The friend zone is worse then being told no because it is like putting a carrot on a stick in front of a Horse, and watching it chase after the carrot with no success, leading you on forever and fuckin ever.
Tommy: Hey, what do you think about you and me?
Caitlin: Sorry Tom, I think we're just friends.
Tommy: Friend zone, just Dandy...
by "Just a Friend(Unfortunately)" December 25, 2008
It's the point when a girl decides that you're her friend, you're no longer a dating option. You become this complete non-sexual entity in her eyes, like a brother, or a lamp.
Guy 1: "Man I want her back!"
Guy 2: "Then why don't you ask her out again?"
Guy 1: "She said she just wants to be friends."
Guy 2 "Damn, she just put you in the friendzone! I feel bad for you bro."
by prettyboyswaqq814 July 22, 2012
When someone rejects another when asked out. Many friend-zoned people suffer from extreme butthurt over being friend-zoned, so cold and bitter definitions are posted on dictionary sites like this one. They also don't seem to understand that a man/woman has the right to reject someone if they see them only as a friend.
Man, she put me in the friend zone! Better angrily vlog about how she practiced her own free will.
by But Who Was Phone? February 27, 2013
Is a misogynistic term used by males who befriend females for the soul purpose of getting in their pants, but are unable to because the female is either uninterested, dating someone already, or has some other reason.

A person who uses this term usual feels victimized because the girl doesn't dish out, and the female is characterized as being the bad guy for not reciprocating his feelings.
Guy 1: For 2 years I've listened to her problems, comforted her, took care of her when she was sick, been her friend...But she still won't dump her douche boyfriend even though I am clearly better for her. I'm stuck in the friendzone

Guy 2: I know that feel bro, girls are bitches sometimes
by MystryFlvr February 05, 2012
The state existing when two heterosexual people of opposite gender are "just friends" with Member A wishing to be "more than just friends", while Member B wishes to remain "just friends." In this situation, the Member A is said to be in the "Friend Zone."

Member A is often the male, but female examples are not unheard of. Male Member A's are often timid and shy, whereas female Member A's are often just ugly.

When neither member of the heterosexual platonic couple wishes to be "more than just friends", the concept of the Friend Zone loses much of it's meaning.
Member A (Male): Hey, I'm gonna always hang around you and complement you in a nonthreatening way and never make a move. You'll eventually love me and let me out of the friend zone. Aaaany day now...

Member A (Female): Hey, can I suck your dick? No? It's because i'm fat and ugly, you say? Oh...
by MatthiasVargas August 25, 2010
A term guys use to guilt girls into going out with them out of pity.
John: Stacey, will you go out with me?
Stacey: I'm sorry, John, but no.
John: *later to friends* And then she totally friend zoned me, dude! So unfair, I've spent too much time with her doing amazing things for her to not be riding that shit! I'm entitled to bang her, now, but she's being a bitch!
Friend: Dude she didn't friend zone you you're just a douchebag.
by Shutupfriendzoneisntreal September 15, 2012
The term a Guy or Girl uses when rejected by someone they fancie/like/love etc... Generally used to obtain sympathy.
The notion in its self was probably conceived by someone wallowing in self pity after being "nice" didn't get them sex (which undermines the point of been nice) they also see people succesfull at getting relationships with women as "Jerks" etc... when in fact they are just jealous.

Being nice to a girl doesn't mean they owe you sex, and if that's all you want from them then your not the "nice guy" your in fact a "Jerk"

The girl/boy isn't "using you" when in the friend zone. you are free to leave whenever you want but they probably do stuff for you to that you don't notice seen as your so obsessed with having sex with them like help cheer you up when your down, they might do you a favor every now and then like any other friend of the same sex.

If some other person gets the one you like don't think you are the only person that has true feelings for them. your feelings are no different than anyone elses

There is probably people you have freind zoned so dont act so innocent either
by earlymorningrant111 July 23, 2012
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