Friendalia Zonalis... Also known as the 'Friend Zone'... a disease plaguing men all over the globe. Many men are or have been infected by the disease.

What is it? Well, basically, it is a state the man has been put into by a woman after a failed attempt to start a relationship.

What does this mean? It means you're fucked. It means that "hey you're a great guy!!!," but they're really thinking "But i'm gonna hold out for someone greater." After everything is all said and done, they'll decide they want to keep you around because you're a "nice guy."

Man: Hey, I care about you a lot, and I think we should be together...

Girl: Oh, you're so sweet!!! you're the greatest and sweetest person ever, but I can only see you as a friend (friend zone)...

Man: Suggggggit...
by Garz March 08, 2008
No Man's Land. The place a wuss finds himself when he attempts to get into a girl's pants by placing them on a pedestal. Ironically, this actually repulses the girl he is attempting to lay, and usually the girl finds him boring and just uses him for personal enjoyment.
I actually prefer the GF to have a guy in her friend zone. After I'm done banging her, she can go talk to him about how I don't care about her feelings, because I don't give a fuck.
by DaBoss November 27, 2006
The perennial location of nice guys everywhere.
Guy 1: I thought you were going to ask her out.
Guy 2: Naw, I was told that she liked me as a friend.
Guy 1: Have fun in the friendzone.
by x9racecar9x March 20, 2010
Primary definition:
No matter how a woman says it or the words she uses when she places a guy in the Friend Zone there is no going back. Regardless of how hot she is or what chemistry you thought was there, you're done. Like being broken up with before a relationship even got started. The quicker you reach the Friend Zone the better than there may not be as much attachment.

Secondary definition:
Groveling, begging or pleading will only push you into the Friend Zone deeper and deeper. Keep moving, don't look back. Call, text or email occassionally. Be aloof and keep your options open. This is the only chance you have to get out of the Friend Zone. As soon as you get Friended use that as motivation to meet another lady AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
Amy: "I think you're a great guy and want to get to know each other better. But I also want to keep my options open. I'm just looking for friends right now. I'm not ready for a relationship."

Paul: "Than why did you reply to my Personals Ad knowing I was looking for a LTR?!? I don't need more chick 'friends'!! I want a girlfriend. I got put in the Friend Zone after the first date! This bites!"


Amy: "Got any plans this weekend? Let's go do something."

Paul: "Sorry, I can't. I have plans with my girlfriend this weekend. Maybe another time." (the ultimate payback & turning the tables)
by NWbikerguy April 21, 2010
A realm of darkness and depression between hell and the earth's surface where innocent males are sent to by attractive/nice females when acting friendly as an attempt to build a good relationship with a female to interest them in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. This horrible place is to be avoided at all costs and all males are advised not to develop a crush on their close female friends in order to avoid this.
"So has (malename) had any luck with (femalename)?" - Generic person
"Nah, I don't think the poor guy has a chance at this point, he's waited too long and she put him in the friend zone by now." - Generic person's bro/buddy/pal/friend
by doireallyhavetoenterapseudonym October 15, 2011
A term many guys (and some girls) use when they have been rejected, whether it is straight out or inadvertently said. People tend to claim it is the other person's fault and/or that they are a "friendzoning bitch" despite the fact that the person may really only like them as a friend, which is a false move seeing as that person believes they should fake feelings and be in a relationship.
Girl1: Thanks, you're a great friend!
Guy1: Did you seriously just friend zone me?
Girl1: Excuse me?

Guy2: Will you go out with me?
Girl2: I'm sorry. I just don't like you in that way, you're a friend.
Guy2: Not anymore, bitch. I'm the nice guy unlike the jerks you date.
Girl2: Excuse me?

Guy3: So Susie totally friendzoned me today.
Guy4: Aw, that sucks, man.
by Areyouserious? December 31, 2012
the last place any guy wants to be when he likes a girl
GuyA:dude i totaly like this gurl,but im stuck in the friend zone
GuyB:that blows monky testicales
by Antwon charles fisher III June 14, 2007
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