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The Norse Goddess of love, fertility, sexuality, lust, beauty, magic, war, and death. The counterpart to her twin brother Frey. Her name means “Lady”. Freyja is the most beautiful of all the Goddesses, women pray to her for help in all matters. Freyja teaches women to love who they are and for men to love them for it.

She is said to have wept tears of gold when searching for her lost husband, Od. After being abandoned by her husband Freyja becomes the most promiscuous of all Goddesses, having love affairs with gods, humans, elves, and dwarves. Her necklace is named Brisingamen, (whose power cannot be resisted) which he obtained from four dwarves by spending the night with them. She also has a cloak of falcon feathers and a chariot drawn by two cats (think lynx not house cats).

Freyja is quite independent by nature, being chief of the Valkyrie she gets half of all those who fall in battle (the other half go to Odin.). Not being married, she is also a single mother to Hnoss.

In ancient times the constellation we today know as Orion, was known as “Freyja’s Gown”, and the sword belt was called “Freyja’s Girdle”.
Freyja is not the same Goddess as Frigga, so do not confuse them.
by OneBadAsp October 22, 2006
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1) A hot and sexxy little monkey. Typically of Jewish descent but still consumes bacon. Loves beer and any form of alcohol that can be consumed. An amazing lover in life and the bedroom. Caring, and intelligent but can become demonic at a moments notice. Has a nice booty and a sexxy slender body. Loves politics, computers, and pleasuring her man. Giggity. Has a much bigger heart and kindness than most people notice. Insanely intelligent and funny. Brightens the room, world, and life of all those who allow her too. Awesome. Can consume mass quantities of alcohol such as 9 gin and tonic doubles within an hour or two time span.

May be found dancing while shaking her butt and point her fingers in the air.

If not found dancing can most likely be found drinking, studying, or making her boyfriend Robert extremely happy

Hates hipsters and renecks
Loves kitties, puppies, and pastrami.

See also sex muffin
See also mad genius

2) Can also be the action or cause of reaching a great soreness after much sexual intercourse
Freyja is hot.

That girl must be named Freyja.

Freyja has a carriage drawn by kitties.

Dude, you drink like Freyja.


guy 1) Dude why are you so tired?
guy 2) One word Freyja


guy A) Whats with the smile?
guy B) Freyja giggitied my gasmougan
by roflmaodododododo February 03, 2010
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This is the incorrect spelling of the name 'Freya' often given by parents who cannot spell, or parents wishing their child to be special believing the correct spelling of the name to be too normal.
Parents: ''Let's call our child Freyja because we cannot spell and Freya is too boring''
by Eazymofo June 06, 2014
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