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Freudian Autocorrect is when you're texting and your phone autocorrects a word you attempted to type innocently and replaces it with something less innocent yet more appropriate to what you meant.
When I texted him to see how his day was going and he replied with busty instead of busy, his phone's Freudian autocorrect told me exactly where his mind was.
#freudian #autocorrect #typo #texting #misspell
by Ehrris September 14, 2011
happens when your smartphone autocorrects a statement in a manner that reveals a freudian slip.

A freudian slip is a slip of the tongue that is said to reveal a suppressed thought
Joe: Hey man, you coming over tonight
Matt: Yea man, once I get done humping my mom.
Joe: ?!?!?!?!
Matt: HELPING! Damn you auto-correct!
Joe: Freudian auto-correct?
#freud #auto-correct #text #smartphone #damn you auto correct
by lamelikebetty June 02, 2011
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