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A word coined by Dunkin' Donuts commercials to describe the lingo used by really expensive cafes. Most people have no idea how to pronounce the psuedo-European words used in these establishments to replace "small", "medium", and "large", and make them sound "classy" or "upscale". A combination of the words French and Italian.
"Is it French or is it Italian? Maybe it's Fretalian."
by Pookah5 January 23, 2007
Made popular by Dunkin Donuts to describe something French and Italian
She's fretalian

This coffee mocha blend is fretalian
by DizzyLizzy December 10, 2006
A word made up by Dunkin Donuts to describe a coffee which is both french and Italian.
My friend is Fretalian
by Michael A Goodrich November 29, 2006
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