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A lame no-life, who is either a sophomore or upperclassmen who hangs out with mainly large groups of freshman. The Freshman herders are most likely to be lonely males. The Freshman herder has friends who are of his age but find him/her to be annoying like most freshman. The Freshman herder can be seen leading dance raves or riots with freshman. The Freshman being well the stereotypical Freshman will follow the Freshmen herder like a flock of sheep. The Freshman herder can be seen carrying freshman around and outside of the school, whether the freshman wants him to or not. However, in a month or so the Freshman will get annoyed and bored with him. The freshman herder will soon become very lonely and unpopular with EVERYONE.
Bob: Hey look at Billy over there, hanging out with all those lame freshmen.

Joe: Ew, those poor Freshmen. Billy is such a Freshman herder.

Fred: *headdesk* I remember Billy doing that back when I was a freshman....
by Imundermaibed August 01, 2011
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