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Derived from the album of Danish band Mew entitled 'Frengers'. A portmanteau of 'friend' and 'stranger', meaning a person who is "not quite a friend but not quite a stranger". The origin of the word remains with the band.

Frengermy (singular) or frengermies (plural) is an extrapolation of the aforementioned word which adds the word 'enemy' to the portmanteau meaning: 'not quite a friend, not quite a stranger and quite possibly also an enemy'.

The word is used to evoke a certain level of ambivalence and confusion arising from fleeting and underdeveloped relationships usually brought on by fast-paced contemporary inner city living and stunted communication brought about digital mediation (such as the internet and text messaging) manifested most frequently in social networking websites.
Yeah, I've known her about 3 months. I'm not too sure about her. I think she's a frengermy.

We've been frengermies for a couple of months now. It could go any way.

Watch out for that lot, they're frengermies.
by Lucien D October 29, 2010
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