often a tiny man, with a large penis and no morals. beware of bad intention..LADIES APPROACH WITH CAUTION..boys keep wishing.
Napoleon thought he was a Frenchie..too bad he was just French.
by justin work January 23, 2011
An insane french girl, usually names Tiffanie or FeeFee
That girl Tiffanie is a frenchie
I went to France just to view the frenchies.
Them Frenchies eat snail, shell and all!
by [K]B December 29, 2009
to kiss using your tongue
he gave me a big slobbery frenchie
by frenchie April 24, 2003
Someone Going Into Highschool From A French Immersion School, Therefore Knowing More Than All The Half-Wits In Their Class. Yet Being Mocked For Being Smarter Than Them.
God, I hate that frenchie, she thinks she's so cool 'cause she knows french. Psht.
by Sammah November 15, 2005
A general slur for any foreign person from Europe.
Why don't you frenchies go line up in a field and shoot at each other?
by Carl E. September 22, 2008
"red hat wearing, clam anamation loving, smooth talking, photographer...who just happens to be awasome."
by Echo November 03, 2003
A pathetic attempt at insult used by Repugs.
by blah August 30, 2003

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