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Frek is a commonly mispelling of the word 'Freak' used to describe a retarded, abnormal human being.
Even though it is a mispelling, it can also be used to describe someone as a Freak, even though it makes you sound like a frek.
Paul: Oh hello! I'm off to feed the buzzards!
Soyphus: Omg... What a frek.
by Soyphus June 05, 2007
Shrek's evil look-alike cousin
FC: Frek killed Shrek and starred in Shrek 2 as Shrek. Frek stole Shrek's identity.

VT: what the frek (using definition #1)?
by fc November 05, 2004
go see fuck and frack and frick
"go frek yourself, you frekkin frekker"
by fc November 05, 2004
A great booty. A girls incredible ass or a beautiful bum.
Damn bro, check out that hottie....that frek needs tampering.
by anton609 July 23, 2011