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A person who believes they will sell their product by way of a misleading, obtrusive banner ad claiming you will recieve something for nothing. (Also) One who would click such a banner.
I wish those Freetards would fuck off, I want pussy, not pop-ups.
by Mean Machine April 03, 2003
22 227
A freetard is a unyielding proponent of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) like the linux operating system. They make no apologies for going on 10 minute rants about the importance of their impeccable values like "not paying for things" and "sticking it to the man".

All freetards are self-righteous know-it-alls who get it off to pointing out people misusing 'their' and 'there', although most of them are college dropouts because instead of doing their homework they spent all of their time trying to get WoW and Ventrilo to work in WINE.
Normal Person: Writing this paper tonight is going to suck.
Freetard: You should use the new Open Office 6.00 on Ubuntu 12.4: Raging Rhinosaurus. It's like a million times better than Word and XP and once you learn how to use BASH and VI and shell scripting and python scripting and the C programming language and x86 instructions you'll be way more productive using your computer.

Normal Person: Gasoline is getting expensive.
by heh cokes July 09, 2009
675 139
one who firmly believes in not paying for e.g. software, films, music. Generally an avid proponent of p2p filesharing
Fred thinks Hollywood will make films even if nobody pays to see them. He's such a freetard.
by Paytard August 11, 2008
277 183
What one is called after failing miserably at free running
Ha he just tried to do a double back flip off a park bench and failed. What a Free-Tard.
by BigNasty69 December 10, 2012
3 1
A person whose ability to make rational decisions is impaired by the possibility of receiving something for free.
A freetard would visiting a fair on free admission day, even though the fair is overcrowded, he/she spends way more time in line and he/she loses a day of pay which far exceeds the cost of admission.

A freetard would use a broken, buggy piece of software when a quality option is available for a few dollars and would quickly pay for itself in time and frustration saved.
by vharron November 09, 2010
53 52
Free Range Retard - An insanely stupid person who has been allowed to exist within mainstream society, often ignorant of their condition
The driver in the right hand lane decides to cut off 4 lanes of traffic and turn left at the intersection

guy 1 - "hey don't you hate that guy who always asks about exactly what the prof just said"
guy 2 - "Yah someone let him out"
guy 1 - "Absolutely...he's a real freetard"
by snowflake50 September 14, 2012
2 13
A combination of free and retard used to describe someone who is excessively cheap and/or tries to get all of the things they are buying for free or at a reduced price with coupons.
Guy at checkout counter- That'll be $125.99 for your groceries.
Really cheap guy- But I have enough coupons to make it free.
Guy at checkout counter- You're such a freetard!
by evilcheesemonkey May 06, 2011
8 23
A person who receives an online game for free but doesn't take the time to learn how to play it properly, resulting in the annoyance of everyone playing with them because they screw everything up.
Guy1: Man since Team Fortress 2 became free everyone seems to suck now.

Guy2: I know they are a bunch of freetards right?

Guy1: Yeah they can't even play properly, stupid freetards.
by Bob Whiskey June 28, 2011
14 33