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To perform surprisingly clutch, or well, in a desperate situation. Or, to restore hope to a situation thought lost.
Matt: "I can't believe I just aced that exam after only studying 20 minutes before class!"
Carl: "Yeah man, you completely Freesed."

Erin: "Oh shoot. Miley Cyrus just came on the radio!"
Lindsey: "I've got this." *CHANGES STATION*
Erin: "Thanks girl, you totally Freesed there."
by BenAffleck October 27, 2011
to freely dress up in a weird, strange, or unusual way, but still think you look awesome.
dEspite wearing cat ears,an orange polka dot gown with pink plaid stripes and swedish clogs, Marisa still thought see got freesed very well ,and admired herself in the mirror
by Miyaka Ryuu February 15, 2009
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