someone who freeps a lot
to freep: fall asleep on the toilet in the middle of explosive diarea so your sit winds up touching your ass. Anti freeping medicine is available at your local farmacy in the hair products aisle.
Dude last night i cought Joe freeping in the guys bathroom.
by satanlikessquirrels March 07, 2005
A FReeper is a concerned and active political conservative, who loves the USA and it's allies, supports the military, supports the war on terrorism, and believes in the traditional values upon which the the Founding Fathers built our system. A FReeper is a well-informed patriot, an activist, a passionate believer in the American way, and a lover of freedom.
Head FReeper Jim Robinson, whose site FR is, is a patriot who has generously kept his site running to give like-minded folks a central internet location via which to read and comment on the news, and take action when appropriate, i.e. to take a stand on a particular issue.
by EdieG October 08, 2006
A member or poster on the website "Free Republic." This is A site composed of informed citizens of conservative leanings who strive to see this country return to its moral foundations and keep it safe from its enemies. Strong supporter of the WOT and Conservative principles.
Freeper. Loves Regan, Supports General principles of morality and WOT. Despises moral decay.
by Rca2000 April 04, 2006
A member of the Free Republic, a conservative news site. Because Liberalism has shifted so extremely to the left, some people view Conservatives as unstable extremists. Not so.
A Freeper believes that the Iraq war must be won, not only for the sake of stability in the Middle east, not only to avoid wasting the over 2000 lives of the American military that have already been spent building Democracy in an area of tyrants, but simply to protect our own shores from the rabid terrorists who would soon be over here were we to pull up stakes and surrender to the criminals there.
by RoadTest December 12, 2005
One who analyzes and recommends action with regards to political matters from the perspective of logic and rationality, rather than rabid emotion
"Unlike the flailing guilt-ridden granola crunching trend sucking dilettante lefty moonbats at dailykos, freepers make it a habit to think before speaking, and don't consider grotesque sexual slanders to be an answer to argument"
by Mercuryrising January 30, 2006
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