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Someone who goes to an eating establishment and only eats the free bread.
Waiter: "Can I take your order?"

Customer: "No thanks, I am just going to gave some bread. When you get a chance, can you bring more of it?"

Waiter to manager: "Shit, we got a freeloafer at table 9."
by brodymason November 15, 2013
A person who is generaly lazy and likes to sleep in, watch TV, and do other various lazy activities constantly… and who expects someone else to pay for it (i.e. parents/government).
You mean to tell me, "He's a boomerang blogger living back home free of charge for over 5 years, but complains mom keeps tipping over his bong when she's putting away his freshly folded laundry?" What a free loafer!
by callmeearl September 17, 2013

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