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A free refill.
"I love fountain soda, and more importantly, I love Freefills!"
by icwish May 31, 2009
The art of refilling drinks for free at a fast food store and seeing how long you can keep the cup.


not even a day: rookie
1 week: getting there
1 month: ledgend
6 months: prince
1 year: absolute ledgend (king)
5 years: you are either homeless or fucked in the head
10 years: kill yourself (cant believe you did it)
Hey bra just gonna go get my freefill. ive been getting these badboys for years
by cuntirooti July 06, 2009
A free refill of brewed coffee at Starbucks. This can only be acquired through use of a gold card.
Customer: May I have another freefill?

Barista: Sure! Were you having Bold, Pike, or Decaf?
by Starbucks_Barista_Girl March 13, 2011
Beverage refill, i.e. coffee, that you do not pay for.
Doug the Barista just hooked me up with a freefill.
by koshermeal October 11, 2009
Portmanteau of "free" and "refill". Used when you want to exploit a restaurant's free refill policy.
Peter- "Hey! Can I get a freefill on this coke please?"
Waiter- "Whatever."
by Portmanteaussuck January 23, 2009
When you ask for a free glass of water and use the cup for a free pop.
I used my water glass to get a freefill of Dr. Pepper
by Fred Senaj January 06, 2008
v. The act of bringing an old cup to a restaurant on a new visit to get a refill.
Zippity zoppety young blood, I brought my cup from last time and be hittin' up them freefills like mug. Didn't have to pay a dinkin' flicka cent.
by watermeloooonlover69 November 06, 2013
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