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Freebianism is a sexual orientation/ way of life not defined by the stereotypes or categories that have previously been set. Unlike heterosexuals and homosexuals, freebians do not involve themselves with one single gender. One might debate that a freebian is just a mere bisexual. However, bisexuality is solely a sexual orientation, and the term is becoming less and less credible. There is also a mentality aspect to consider when understanding freebianism. A freebian is capable of attracting and being attracted to the male and female sexes, and additionally capable of engaging in sexual activity with either. A freebian can live a more heterosexual lifestyle during one point of his or her life, and a homosexual lifestyle another. (The terms heterosexual and homosexual are to be used as guidelines rather than strict definitions here) Freebians possess an energy that many heterosexuals and homosexuals do not. Those around them are enticed by this energy and often given insight into their own desires. Ultimately freebians are , in a sense, "free". They are free from the boundaries that limit what a lifestyle can be defined as. One might argue that this very entry does just that. It does not. For when one says proudly, " I am a freebian!", he or she is not immediately shot down and labeled a bisexual. For what is a bisexual anyway? What is a homosexual? Freebians are not bound to a way of life due to how they naturally feel inside. Freebians are free.
I want that girl to give me head again, but because of freebianism she is getting friendly with the new chick.
by flashme July 08, 2009
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