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The female version of free balling, going commando
My boyfriend thinks it hot when I'm free lippin' at the clubs!
by Shellz April 14, 2004
20 3
female version of free ballin
E-money had to go free lippin in her new dress.
by indianporfavor July 10, 2008
11 2
girl version of freeballin
a girl not wearing any panties
That girl doesnt have any panty lines, i think shes freelippin.
by pestilence January 20, 2004
4 2
the female wersion of wearing no underwear.
Guys free ball or go commando when they dont wear underwear, so girls can be free lippin' when they don't wear panties.
by Didi0626 May 09, 2010
3 2
When a girl (usually a slut) wears pants, with no underwear underneath.

Female version of freeballin.
Scott: "hey man, did you ever bang Alexa?"

Luke: "of course bro, you didn't know that bitch is free-lippin' all the time? Too easy."
by Hahaha234!!! January 29, 2014
0 1
When a girl/women has no clean underwear and must resort to going without. Female version of Free Ballin'.
"I thought I had clean underwear, but I didn't. So I'm free lippin' it."
by UltimateAgentA July 06, 2012
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