A term used to describe a type of sexual favor. Usually preformed on a male, preferibly by a female. The sexual favor of "getting head" is ALWAYS free in this situation and is easily obtained by nearly anyone who wishes.
Dang son, Latson gave me some phat freehead last night.
by Mr. McG May 08, 2006
Top Definition
When girls go on vacation get you drunk and use their women seducing powers to get you to fuck her for free. This sounds great but usually girls looking for free head are usually carrying STD's or are ugly.
Dude One: DAMN
Dude Two: What?
Dude One: A girl got my free head and now i have AIDS.
Dude Two: Thats what you get for screwing my mom, BITCH
by Johnny3TearsXD January 31, 2011
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