Wearing outer-garments with no under-garments.
"Dude, those shorts are TOO short and baggy for freebirding!"
by Jerah Benven February 02, 2006
when a man pees, preferably into a conventional toilet bowl but alternatively a urinal, while victoriously waving his clenched fists over his head, as tribute to the pleasure of manhood.
Though it started as a fight, we soon realized that warm feeling was neither blood nor sweat--but freebirding. Also, we're gay.
by Sirblondie June 21, 2009
When a man wears no underwear under his clothes.
Angus was freebirding it under his kilt
by lulu2 February 01, 2006
Covering yourself with fecal matter and seamen, naked, and playing "Free Bird" by Lynard Skynard on an out-of-tune guitar.
Yeah, man I love freebirding.
by Octavio Hermendez December 07, 2006
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