Free Tony Yayo from G-Unit
Free Yayo!!!
by free me! November 29, 2003
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A G-Unit phrase, encouraging the freedom of G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo who was is doing time for illegal weapon possession (totin' a gun).
"Free Yayo," Banks shouted as he walked off the stage at the end of the concert.
by Big Poppa Wanksta September 14, 2004
1. A plea or demand for the release of G-Unit's Tony Yayo from prison (he's out by now).

2. Cocaine that you don't have to pay for.
1. Free Yayo! He's sick of tossing his cellmate's salad.

2. This guy was nice enough to give me some free yayo after I tossed his salad.
by Rabid Caterpillar April 24, 2005
A term commonly used by G-Unit encouraging the freedom of rapper Tony Yayo who was locked up for illegal weapon possession and released on parole only to be sent back in the slammer for a forged passport.
"Free Yayo, And Tell em bitch ass niggaz put they vests on, i'm here now"

Young Buck - G-Unit
by -=ChAtLo=- November 10, 2004
A phrase used by G-Unit, that refers to the incarcerated rapper Tony Yayo. Yayo and 50 grew up together. Tony was incarcerated twice. First he was sent to jail for having an unregistered gun, and being around a murder crime scene. After being released, he was arrested again for having a registered gun in his car (which is illegal). He was sent away for two years, and he is now coming back with a new album in 2005.
"I had the whole crowd yelling free yayo" - Game
by tony2time June 10, 2005
Free Tony Yayo from G-Unit
Why is he arrested? What did he do?
by Shady June 12, 2004
to found free crack
Wow i found free crack
by mochavixen February 09, 2005

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