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Frederick's Law is an obscure humorous axiom which states that you cannot suggest a conversation only to withdraw from it moments later.
“Hey, you didn't go in my room did you?”
“Oh, no reason.”
"Hey, you have to tell me, it's Frederick's law!"
#adages #axioms #f law #murphy's law #moore's law
by djw84 June 03, 2006
A law developed by Frederick Tilley describing a phenomena discovered in the popular game Shotgun-To-The-Face. The law states

'Given any starting page on Wikipedia it is possible, using only internal links and the random article button, to get to the page on Nazi's using 5 clicks or less'
McGill University Faculty of Religious Studies - Montreal - France - Germany - National Socialist German Workers Party
Frederick's Law in 4 clicks
#nazi #frederick's #law #shev #wikipedia #shotgun-to-the-face
by Freddie1989 November 10, 2006
From any given starting page on Wikipedia, and using only internal liks and the random article button it is possible to get to the Nazi page in 5 cliks or less
Giuseppe Tartini-Slovenia-World War II-Nazi Party
Frederick's Law in 4 clicks
#nazi #law #fredericks law #5 #clicks
by Freddie89 November 10, 2006
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