A funny looking, but cute kid, that stared on the television series The Wonder years. His friend on the show, Paul, was played by Marilyn Manson. His younger brother, Ben Savage, stared in Boy Meets World.
"Fred Savage was just great in the wonder years!!"
by Anna Ruth September 04, 2006
Top Definition
Fred savage was in a crappy lifetime movie called "No One Would Tell," and he beat the shit out of his girlfriend in the movie
Hey don't grab her that hard you will end up like fred savage and kill her.
by jizzgussler March 06, 2010
a child actor in the show the wonder years.

also a common term to define a fat, ugly, unpopular nerd in highschools.
that fatass fags name is cody savage...i call him fred savage. what a douche
by Lance and eric September 21, 2008
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