A talentless, cock-sucking, social cling-on who talks shit, has no balls and can't get laid. Makes himself out to be a tough guy, but I would bet good money that most 150lbs weaklings could dish the hurt on him with little or no effort. If I ever saw him I would beat the shit into his smug face, shit in that stupid cap he wears and set fire to his clothes. For added value, I'd whip out my cock and piss all over him shouting "Hey look! I'm pissing on Fred Durst". Then I'd bet most people would join in
Fred Durst: Back the fuck up!
Weakling: BOO!
Fred Durst: I have to go now, I've just shat my stupid pants
by Dangerous G March 25, 2004
1.Fred Durst is the front man in Limp Bizkit who is a fuckin fag. Anyone who names their band after their dick has to be.
2.Can't sing or rap or scream. Wishes he was Corey Taylor from Slipknot.
If you are smart you will spend your $15 bucks for a CD on real metal like Slipknot or Mudvayne not fag Fred Durst
by JMaud September 02, 2005
ALTHOUGH he is a poseur and a preppy, I dont care, I like their new stuff, and all you faggots out here dissing him bought his fucking cd or liked them when it didnt mean they were poseurs, so take your LIVE105 flip flopping hypocrisies and shove them up your ass
Wait, LB isnt cool anymore? Fuck Fred Durst, o my god, I am a cool conformist kid.
by Mike Rotch April 16, 2005
frontman of rap-metal band limp bizkit that rose to fame during the late 90s, which is a love or hate them band...

personally a band that i despise ...

Fred Durst is the guy that wears the same red baseball hat backwards beacause he doesn't like to show his bald head

"an insecure fat bald guy"
Fred Durst: man, i'm going bald i'm just gonna wear my red hat to cover it

Guy: smart choice... but at least change your hat once in a while
by shampooo March 10, 2006
a man who other guys call a homo because theyre obviously used to scoping out the queers
fred kicks it live
by jiggles September 03, 2003
The King of Egoslutty Media Whoring who cant sing and who lies about random popstars givin him handjobs and such.
Christina Agulara, Britney Spears

by shortygal July 24, 2003
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