a fucking faggot who cannot write lyrics for his life and always tries to " rap " in his shitty ass songs . also see : wigger , idiot , and dip shit .
when i first heard the limp bizkit song " nookie " :

fred durst : i did it all for the nookie! ( what ? ) the nookie ! ( what ) so you can take that cookie , and stick it up your -

me : shut the fuck up already !! * destroys limp bizkit cd *

A untalented, hated, and crying singer/rapper from Florida.

Fred Durst sounds like a kid about to go through puberty when he starts his whining voice and then tries to "scream" which is just pure crap compared to M Shadows, Johnathan Davis, or Howard Jones.

Then he tries to make things better with his rip-off rhymes while he disgraces all rappers by saying 2 nouns followed by the 'f word' then one verb followed with another 'f-word'.

Fred Durst has also made more enemies than Axl Rose could ever get.

His current enemies include:

Scott Stapp of Creed-Talked about Stapp behind his back. Stapp offered to box with Durst, Durst backed down.

All of Slipknot-Durst called Slipknot fans "fat kids" and they don't like their fans insulted.

Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society (and many acts with GNR and Black Sabbath)

Britney Spears-Durst said they had a sexual relationship.




Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden

Trent Reznor only guy in NIN

99.999% of the world

As a disgrace to music, pop culture, and just being a prick, Fred Durst (in the words of Johnathan Davis) can

My name is Fred Durst. I made a band called Limp Bizkit. I charge cheap shows so I can see old saggy boobs from girls.

Please kill me.
by a7x fan June 14, 2008
Any lyric pertaining to the dynamic rhyming pattern known to most as rhyming the word, with the same exact word. To many rappers and musicians this can often be a useful tool. Prior to Fred Dursts discovery that, a given word will in fact ALWAYS rhyme with the same given word, it has since caught on at a national level. Fred Durst himself, lead singer of the popular band, Limp Bizket, is himself infamous for some of the most musically talented Fred Durst lines of all time.
The following are actual Fred Durst lines:

"Take a look at this Shit right here, L-I-M-P Bizket is right here"

"I did it all for the Nookie, The what? The Nookie"

"Cause if you dont care, then we dont care"

"So shut the f**k up, and pack the f**k up, while we f**k this track up."

"Should i be feeling bad (no), Should i be feeling good (no)"

"All the critics wanna hit it, and shit can how we did it, just because they dont get it."

"And maybe im just a little f**ked up, Lifes just a little f**ked up"
by DougPolk November 06, 2006
The biggest corporate sell-out ever to walk this planet. He's a buisnessman - not a musician
Who told you Fred Durst was a rocker/rapper/singer?

Whoever told you that, they lied!
by Thumper (Cobain) February 17, 2004
the dope-ass singer for limp bizkit whos a weak piece of shit but he'll fuck you up anyway
fred durst is a badass motherfucker, he could fuck up scott whatever his name is from creed anyday, creed's music is pussy
by 55incher March 24, 2003
What we in the music business call somebody with no talent.
Just ignore him, he's a fred durst.
by CurvedMirror October 24, 2008
1.Fred Durst is the front man in Limp Bizkit who is a fuckin fag. Anyone who names their band after their dick has to be.
2.Can't sing or rap or scream. Wishes he was Corey Taylor from Slipknot.
If you are smart you will spend your $15 bucks for a CD on real metal like Slipknot or Mudvayne not fag Fred Durst
by JMaud September 02, 2005
a man who pretends to be a musician and calls his music "metal" when it is no where close. he is known for engaging in sexual activities with male members of audience after shows. he also enjoys trying to destroy the music industry for fun.
when he wrote Oops I did it Again by Fred Durst
by sdmfryan December 23, 2011

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