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After friending or receiving a friend request from someone you don't really know on Facebook/Myspace, seeing them multiple times within the next couple of days.
Katherine: oh shit, see that that kid? i've never met him, but he friended me on facebook yesterday and i've passed him four times today!

Julia: hahah thats so frawkward
by mynamesnotmyname December 15, 2009
22 5
Combination of frum and awkward.

"Am I awkward because I'm frum or frum because I'm awkward?"
Moishy was able to socialize like a normal person for a good 15 minutes until his frawkwardness won. He went to find Jon and rekindle their boreir discussion from last Friday night.
by dweiss January 07, 2008
21 11
A level of awkward capable of being achieved only by freshmen. Often involves a lot of embarassment.
"Wow, that frawkward kid just tripped in the stairwell."
by Katka193 June 06, 2007
5 7