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Any show on Broadway that was once a television show, movie, book, video game, or CD. In essence, fake Broadway- non original shows that have the plot already spelled out for them. Examples include The Addams Family, Shrek The Musical, Legally Blonde The Musical, Elf... There are however, exceptions to this rule, such as Spamalot, The Odd Couple, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Also, a person who thinks that shows like Wicked, In The Heights, and anything produced by Disney are the only worthwhile things on the Great White Way. People like them make me want to lock myself in a room with an original cast album of Lippa's The Wild Party and drown my sorrows to Idina Menzel's power mix as Kate and never come out for fear to see what the theatergoing public has turned into.
Fraudway Girl: Oh my God! I just saw Wicked this weekend! Kristin Chenoweth is MY idol!
Real Theater Person: (Singing a snippet of cut song 'Which Way's To The Party?)
Fraudway Girl: What are you singing?
Real Theater Person: Which Way's To The Party?
Fraudway Girl: Oh. Uh, what show is that from?
Real Theater Person: Wicked.
Fraudway Girl: No it's not.
Real Theater Person: Yes it is. They cut it out of town. Stephen Schwartz thought it didn't work with the storyline.
Fraudway Girl: Oh.
Real Theater Person: Excuse me, I have to go get my sheet music for Parade. Carolee is MY idol.
Fraudway Girl: Huh?
by leighmarston December 02, 2010
Musicals performed in settings other than broadway, but that are still awesome in their own right!

Movie musicals (Moulin Rouge), TV Shows that have a musical episode (Scrubs), internet musicals (Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog)
Give my regards to Fraudway!
by radiopotluck February 02, 2010

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