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A drug utilized by fratdaddies and fratstars alike, so they may see a new, glorious sun rise across the fratcastle as they reminisce about brotastic night worth not remembering. Typically snorted, accompanied by 4Broko and/or sorostitutes in hand. Warning: may suddenly present with inability to feel/care about anything, including the slap to the face from the diamond-speckled pussy your slaying upon realizing you're not her boyfriend.
"Did you just sneeze blue?" - common question directed towards fratstars whilst lightning a couch on fire in the fratcastle's courtyard

"Fratterall has been scientifically proven to enhance the frattiness of the user. Fratlaps have unquestionably become more efficient, and the collective GPAs of Greeks has undoubtedly risen far beyond those of the GDI."
- Fratrick Ivey, M.D., Professor of Fratology
by Fraturdaynight December 14, 2010

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