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A bitch boy and a pussy. Many of your friends will be Fratkins in your life. Best to drop them off at the nearest dumpster where they belong.
Person 1: I had a fight the other day against a Fratkin.
Person 2: How did it go??

Person 1: The dude pussied out like a bitch. I knew he was soft.
by Yazan Hajoun June 03, 2016
A sketchy person. They will rarely get a contemporary joke. If you get them talking they will never shut up. They are likely to think they are hot shit when in reality they smell like hot shit.
Person 1: I can't believe your boss turned out to be such a Fratkin!

Person 2: I know!! That guy is awful! Every time I go to his office i forget how to breathe.
by Eric Nasr June 03, 2016
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