Forced fun. Fun that was not consented, planned, expected, or initially welcomed.
We're going out tonight!

No, I really can't... I'm so tired and I have a test and a million other things to do.

Fuck it! We're going out!

(The next day)

They fraped the shit out of me last night. I'm so hung over that I could die. I can't do anything today...WORTH IT!
by Ginja and Baba June 10, 2013
A conjuration of fruit and rape. It involves shoving fruit into orifices that fruit have no right being in.
"He fraped her when he stuck that banana in that hole.'
by Banana-tan August 03, 2012
A facebook rape. When someone leaves their facebook page unattended and a friend updates their status with a funny, often lewd comment.
John Jones likes big boys all over me. Frape
by Scheffe June 08, 2011
Frape is when someone’s account is hacked, or left logged on, and someone edits their information, such as relationship statuses, or sexuality, statuses, etc.
Daniel: OMG, Murray Jane dumped me?!
Awesome guy: nawz her dad fraped her...
Murray Jane: Yeah, sorry..
Daniel: Oh, ok
by thedewdwhoiskewl April 24, 2011
Facebook Rape

Hacking Into somone elses facebook page.
Your facebook just got fraped!
by Queen Bridget April 18, 2011
Frape is made up of two words; Facebook and Rape. Frape takes place when one person remains logged into their facebook page and leave their computer. Then another individual who does not own that page cahnges the page owners status. They may also change profil picture, bio, age and any other settings including poking someone and messaging people. However the minimum requirement for a Frape to tale place is the changing of a status. If you change all other settings but do noy change their status then you have not "Fraped" the individual.
Someone has changed my status and my settings. I have been fraped

Someone has changed my settings but has not changed my status. Well at least I have not been fraped
by Prez1 October 29, 2010
can refer to facebook... but historical refered to the act of a female taking advantage of male in a sexual manner....

a.ka. f(emale)rape of a man...
Hot Girl with out much of a mind "Do you want to fuck me"
Modern Man " No"
H.G without much of a mind "do you want a beer??"
M.M "yes"
FEW hours later the modern man is still able to be physically aroused by H.G. but does not have the ability to escape the situation (due to been so drunk that he can't walk)... due to the fact M.M likes a (wo)man with a mind, he still is not consenting in the hours of physiical pleasure that follow...frape
by concernedcitizenpeace June 23, 2011
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