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Originated from the former UFC Middleweight Champion, Rich Franklin.

Having a mangled, battered, disfigured, or mauled face resulting from a fight. Usually consistent with various cuts, swelling and contusions; broken nose, missing teeth and lacerations are common with Franklin-face.

The term was first used after a UFC middleweight championship bout between Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva. Within 45 seconds Rich Franklin had an acute case of "Franklin-face" that got worse as the round went on.

*Note* "Franklin-face" usually occurs when trapped in a Muay Thai clench. The more prolonged exposer to the Muay Thai clench the worse the Franklin-face.
"Joey beat Bobby's ass! He gave the boy 'Franklin-face."

"Get outta that Muay Thai clench before you wind up with 'Franklin-face'!"

"That bitch is ugly. She doesn't have 'Franklin-face,' but she sure is heinous."
by Kaens January 16, 2008
(Benjamin) Franklin/ Franco Faces - American Slang, commonly used by 90's rappers. Refers to a U.S. 100$ bill, making reference to the face of Benjamin Franklin which can be seen on one of these bills.
"Pop open the brief cases, nothing but Franklin Faces."
by Fistoz January 04, 2012
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