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1 definition by Kaens

Originated from the former UFC Middleweight Champion, Rich Franklin.

Having a mangled, battered, disfigured, or mauled face resulting from a fight. Usually consistent with various cuts, swelling and contusions; broken nose, missing teeth and lacerations are common with Franklin-face.

The term was first used after a UFC middleweight championship bout between Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva. Within 45 seconds Rich Franklin had an acute case of "Franklin-face" that got worse as the round went on.

*Note* "Franklin-face" usually occurs when trapped in a Muay Thai clench. The more prolonged exposer to the Muay Thai clench the worse the Franklin-face.
"Joey beat Bobby's ass! He gave the boy 'Franklin-face."

"Get outta that Muay Thai clench before you wind up with 'Franklin-face'!"

"That bitch is ugly. She doesn't have 'Franklin-face,' but she sure is heinous."
by Kaens January 16, 2008