Franklin Square in a small town in New York. It's slapped in the middle of a bunch of giant towns in Nassau county. It has a movie theater, but no train station. Most people who live there are either elderly or "wangster" Most attend H. Frank Carey high school, and while the schools faculty means well, it's been taken over by the guido population, along with the rest of Nassau County. Most groups of guidos roam the streets (in huge packs of course) looking for trouble. Stand outside for a few short minutes and an expensive car blasting bad music is sure to drive by. There is one group of metalheads from this place, look on Franklin Avenue and Hempstead Turnpike for them, as they are frequently seen walking around singing or growling metal tunes and playing air instruments, or in some cases, real instruments. The town doesn't have too much to do, and if you have kids, teach them the anti-guido. However, you will never go hungry, as there are about 8 supermarkets in the general area, and the town is serviced by the N25 and the N6. Though not in Franklin Square, the area by H.Frank Carey High School and Washington Street school is known to be the worst place to go on Halloween. The town means well, but has failed to keep the guido population out.
Franklin Square, the square, that town that has nothing in it by West Hempstead, Guido central, that place with 100 supermarkets
by David Bert January 02, 2008
Top Definition
A town in Nassau County, Long Island populated by lots of Italian Americans and their children who are commonly referred to as "guidos" because the males dress in "wife beaters" and gold crosses and prance around town like Tony Soprano or perhaps God's gift to women. They attend H. Frank Carey high school. Their language is a strange mix of Italian dialect and hip hop speak.
ehhhhhhy, fuggghhetttabbboutttit, im from Franklin Square yo. Lets go to the club and find underage girls and drive them around in our parents expensive cars. word.
by transatlanticism November 01, 2004
Franklin Square, New York (known as the square) home to H.Frank Carey High School, which at one time was 99% white and 1% other. It has recently become more diverse but is still mostly white. The children population is 50% italian, 50% wigga. All the kids think their tough and think they can fight ANYBODY, but they usually say that while high or drunk. Yes, smoking and drinking, basically the only two things you can do in this town. All the kids will say this is the worst town and that there's nothing to do, but they will rep it hard always wanna come back when their away. All meals revolve around a bagel store called A & S. Need some breakfast...go to A & S, want some lunch...go to A & S, got the munchies late at night....go to A & S. When the kids aren't in school, or drinking, or at the mall they're probably just chillin hard at someones house. The parents of the town are pretty quiet, but their are some "italian mobsters" in the town who think they run it, but there's nothing really to run. Basically, if you come to Franklin Square you either get shot up by a "wanna-be mobster" or a wigga.
You in the square(franklin square) now senn
by mkamikaze3 November 10, 2006
First off you will not get shot in franlin square its a nice, sheltered place. It's upper middle class and those of you who chose to insult it for its disturbingly high guido population are probabley just trying to make your self feel better because you wished you lived here. There are nicer parts in the North by the Stewart Manor, Garden City border and less expensive parts closer to the elementary school, Washington Street. There are absolutely no bad parts or ghettos. It's a nice expensive town where the majority of citizens are Italian. However, just because someone is Italian and drives a Mercedes does not mean they are in the Mofia...and even if tghey were we'd drop it and leave it alone because do you really want the mafia on your ass?
Guy from outside the square: Where do you live?
Girl from Franklin Square: The squaree babayy
Guy: Guitosss
Girl: whateverrr...I'm used to hearing that.
by priveleged June 27, 2009
A town in eastern Long Island about twenty minutes from Manhattan and five minutes from some of the other boroughs, such as Queens. This town is predominantly made up of Irish and Italian Americans, who value their material possessions. The kids are usually spoiled rotten and the adults usually think that they are kids. The inhabitants fall into three major categories. There are the "guidos" who run around in their expensive cars and wear tacky overpriced tracksuits (men and women). There are the subtly wealthy, who could easily live in a bigger house or drive a more expensive car, but choose not too. These are the chillest people in this town and they're not so bad. The last group is the townies and they are the families that live here because of lineage and will continue to live here for years and years. They are the old school Italians, clinging onto the notion that the old neighborhood is still around. This group is mostly comprised of old people. The town is generally harmless. Naturally, there are a few of the Louis Vuitton carrying, Mercedes Benz driving brats. But, those ones aside it's pretty much idyllic there.
I went to a party in Franklin Square and it was insane and everyone there was so chill! I didn't expect that at all!
by LIforLIfe December 22, 2012
A town located in Nassau county where an increasing number of gansters have slowly made their way into the area. THe deadliest combo is probably the guido/gangster...intimidating, perfect hair with every spike in place, the forced accent, and their mom's BMW.
ay yo tough guy whatchuuuu doinnnnn
Clubbin is lifeee in Franklin Square. ehh yo anyone got any gel or a mirra ... ay yo gota go get my eyebrows waxed
by Pete Zaria November 28, 2005
A place in Australia where all the bus stops are. And I mean ALL the bus stops.
"Hey, let's go to town."
"Ok, where do you wanna meet"
"Franklin Square"
"Wheres that"
"It's where all the bus stops are"
by funkie_chick87 June 03, 2005
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