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The most ridiculously funny movie ever made. You know its stupid when people start dying in a freak gasoline fight accident on a trip to get orange mocha frappaccinos, but stupid in the best possible way imaginable.
I think I got the black lung pop!

Blue Steel, Ferrari, Le Tigre, theyre all the same face. Doesnt anyone else notice this, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here! I INVENTED THE PIANO KEY NECKTIE! I INVENTED IT! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE DEREK?
by transatlanticism October 10, 2004
A town in Nassau County, Long Island populated by lots of Italian Americans and their children who are commonly referred to as "guidos" because the males dress in "wife beaters" and gold crosses and prance around town like Tony Soprano or perhaps God's gift to women. They attend H. Frank Carey high school. Their language is a strange mix of Italian dialect and hip hop speak.
ehhhhhhy, fuggghhetttabbboutttit, im from Franklin Square yo. Lets go to the club and find underage girls and drive them around in our parents expensive cars. word.
by transatlanticism November 01, 2004

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