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1.The obvious allusion to masturbation, sexual innuendo (ohh). Frankenwanken can be used to describe any activity, it can be anything. The first part, "franken," can be added to other words, such as frankenfucking, or even frankenreading to add that franken emphasis. The beauty of frankenwanken is that it can be said about anything, to anyone.
2.A more censor-friendly version of fuck.
1. Dude, let's go frankenwank after the game, I'm bored as fuck.
2. Last night I frankenfucked the shit out of her, and I frankenjizzed all on her face.
3. Frankenwanken is the only pass time I have left in my life, it's all I can be brah.
by Dick Weiner ( NW) January 26, 2009
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