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some meterosexual cocky bastard all the 12 year olds find attractive
omg lyke frank gotti rockers my soxers lolz
by Krystal April 25, 2005
frank is one of the cutest teen guy celebrity who got all what teenage girls need.He got the face of a baby and a body of a man.
gorgeous,breathtaking,adventurous and young
by charla March 31, 2005
is the hottest guy a girl will ever date!! whoever gets him should never leave him!! the hottest gotti ever!! the sexiest boy i would date
breathtaking,sexy,bulit like a man!!!
by Riann April 03, 2005
the hottest thing that walks this flippin' earth
Tonja & Jayme absoutley adore Frank Gotti for his charming looks & gorgeous accent :)
by tonj March 19, 2005
Frank Gotti is an inspiration to all teens and the hottest gotti EVER!!

I <3 Frankie Gotti
Frank Gotti is oh so sexy!
by Amy April 01, 2005
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