A large Filipino man. He doesn't quite have a mustache, but not clean-shaven. More of a "crust-ache". Annoying, and swears a lot.

Sometimes plays hockey, but is an epic failure at that, Tennis, biking and life in general. Ugly, and stupid, a total failure.
He's such a freaking Franco!!
by lolwut33 July 11, 2010
most likely Argentinean
little midgets, most likely named talya, like him
doesn't curse
Guy #1: "Hey did u see that Franco?"
Guy #2: "Yeah. it looks like Talya is running after him."
Simultaneous: "What a midget."
by etton April 23, 2009
A fat wanna-be spanish teacher who has a lisp and does not shave her armpit hair. And is extremely over-weight and still goes outside with skin tight pants on and smells like 6-year old hotdogs.
WOW look at That Franco over there, I just threw up in my mouth.
by James Robert Hawkins February 07, 2009
someone who is extremely greasy, usually in the facial area or appears to be glowing in light!
"Man! I just walked past that Franco and had to put my shades on the way his skin reflected the light!!!"

"His mom wears lime green jumpsuits."
by ul October 15, 2006

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